The Dairy at Muranda

We are the only fully operational dairy farm event center in the Finger Lakes. We offer our clients the opportunity to host a unique event in a one-of-a-kind region. 

The barn itself was built in 1891, and its story is rich in history. The Murray family used this barn to house animals, farm equipment and hay until its use became obsolete in its old age. In 2016 the Murrays decided to refurbish the barn with the help of some local craftsmen. They reintroduced it to the public in 2017 as, The Dairy at Muranda.

The Dairy at Muranda not only houses an impeccable event space on the second floor, but the basement of the facility is home to about 40,000 pounds of delicious Muranda Cheese.

The Murray family, pictured right, has a long history of caring for dairy cattle along with the milk and cheese they produce. Their products have been the recipient of numerous accolades throughout the past three decades. When you host an event at The Dairy you can guarantee the experience you have will be worthy of those accolades as well.